• cultural immersion

    cultural immersion

    Always travel like a local
    • cultural immersion
    • 10 years
  • 10 years

    10 years

    Home exchange, reciprocal hospitality and more
    • cultural immersion
    • 10 years


  • The best way to discover new horizons is to connect with locals. In every places you can find swell, you'll have a Swap and surf member to exchange with you, or to host you or just give you some tips

  • The cool californian surfer. The guy to meet for a reciprocal hospitality. With Talal, it'll be easy going

  • Caio is registred as a journalist, but he could have been photographer or artist too. An open mind brasilian surfer willing to welcome you in Florianopolis. 

  • Of course Swap and surf is well implanted in all main surf culture heart, like California is

  • The authentic hawaiian water man. For an outrigger ride, share surf session or whatever on water, he's the man

  • We offer places like Alaska to live with locals experiences difficult to organized like cold water surfing in remoted places

  • "I plan to always do what I love to do, and make the most of the opportunities in front of me, and believe this can be seen in my work." a talented photographer to meet

  • Swap and surf founders are from South West of France and the project settle down their. Naturally, the largest choice of profiles in this area

  • Of course, Swap and surf offers solutions through our members in all majors surf trip destination

  • With Tushar, Ishita is a leading figure of the surfing culture in India. A pionner, the first female to have been sponsored by brand like roxy


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how to


Comment ça fonctionne ?


1 - En échangeant ton lieu de vie, ce qui convient le mieux pour les familles, on peut aussi mettre dans l’échange sa voiture ou certains de ces planches.

2 - Accueillez vous mutuellement, pratique si tu voyage en solo ou si tu as simplement besoin d’un toit pour une nuit.

3 - Si tu n’as pas besoin d’hébergement, tu peux préparer un surf trip en te connectant avec des locaux pour avoir des infos, des conseils.




Réduisez vos dépenses en frais d’hébergement à 0 €, et dans le même temps, augmenter le niveau d’authenticité à son maximum.